Humanity has always had a voracious appetite for resources with little regard to sustainability. As a result, the environment and future generations will pay the price for this folly if nothing is done. From medical equipment and essential supplies to magazines and toys, protective packaging materials are an essential part of the global supply chain. They keep your goods safe and ensure that deliveries make it to the end of the supply chain in one piece. But, given the large quantities of materials needed, protective packaging is also immensely wasteful. In fact, did you know that humanity produces up to 400 million tonnes of plastic waste every year? And most of that plastic will never be recycled, instead, it finds its way into landfills and a significant part of the ocean. As a result, our oceans are clogged with hundreds of tonnes of plastic waste and ocean life suffers as a result.

This is an ongoing crisis that has too often been ignored for too long. And given our role in the supply chain, we at Octopack intend to ensure that the buck stops with us. Hence, this is why we at OctoPack has made it our mission to conserve and protect the earth for future generations. And to do that, we make use of recycled materials as much as possible and cut down on consumption in all aspects of our business.


We’re just holding on to earth for the future generations.

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How Octopack is fighting for a sustainable future by:

  • 1. Making use of recycled materials

    All of our paper-based packaging is made from recycled paper which goes a long way towards reducing our carbon footprint and waste.

  • 2. Introducing biodegradable plastic packaging

    Traditional plastic packaging is non-biodegradable and often ends up in the ocean or filling up landfills. To mitigate this, Octopack makes use of biodegradable plastic packaging that breaks down over time and leaves behind zero harmful substances.

  • 3. Encouraging the use of paper-based packaging materials

    In order to reduce the industry’s reliance on non-biodegradable plastic, we have chosen to make use of paper-based packaging materials. Not only is paper biodegradable and easier on the eyes, but it’s also recyclable and can be reused.

  • 4. Sourcing materials from trusted suppliers

    All of Octopack’s materials are purchased from a handpicked list of eco-friendly suppliers. By doing this, we hope to encourage our business partners to actively work towards reducing their impact on the environment.


    Sustainability Is Not The Future... It is Now.

    Since paper is made from renewable resources, it is one of the most sustainable products. Biodegradable, it can be recycled back to the original source for renewable energy. As trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Throughout its lifecycle, paper, as a wood product, also stores carbon. Renewability is its core.

    Natural items, such as paper, may undergo biodegradation within a week to several months. It is a process by which biological organisms break down substances into basic compounds like CO2, water, and biomass. Plastics, for example, take so long to degrade that they are considered non-biodegradable. So we must think from the angle of “green” when we are making decisions to save our planet.

    The recycling of paper conserves natural resources, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and keeps landfill space available. Paper recycling reduces our reliance on products like plastic, which have some horrible effects on the environment. Hence , for sustainability it is imperative that we go green at all costs and minimise the use of plastics as this holds the key to the future.

  • OCTOPACK Breathes Sustainability

    At Octopack, we do what we do best and that is to ensure we deliver our promise. Our team brings a wealth of expertise in packaging as well as a world of innovative ideas to ensure your products are packaged and are in adherence to the highest standards globally. Our goal is to constantly improve our manufacturing processes, materials, and solutions and to ensure you are satisfied in every way.

    Your products are our priority. Having your products delivered is a crucial part of most businesses today due to surge in online trading. In comparison to traditional retailers, your packaging provides the first impression of your product, and elevates a customer’s purchasing experience. Good presentation increases e-commerce sales, attracts repeat customers, and enhances your brand and that is precisely why we ensure the best proactive measures to make sure that they are uniquely done.

    It is imperative that your packaging process is quick, ergonomic, and cost-effective. Warehouse space is getting costly, making efficient integration of your packaging solution crucial and more importantly safe and cost efficient. In order for you to create an outstanding packaging solution that matches your needs and operational processes, we are here to aid you.

    At Octopack, we live and breathe sustainability.


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